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Bridger Tower is a Designer and a Developer.

Front End Developer : Creative Technologist : Product Marketer : Brand Strategist

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Adventures in design and development. Passionate about aesthetics, usability, code, and branding.

I specialize in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Tailwind, Next JS, React, Webflow, SvelteKit, and Wordpress.

Hey! My name is Bridger Tower and I am a designer and developer located in Salt Lake City, Utah. I am intrigued by balance of aesthetics and usability in software and websites.

I currently work at as Lead Web Developer on the Brand and Marketing team. I also own Zion Design a web design and development company located in Draper, Utah. I've worked with hundreds of clients on projects big and small.

I obtained a Bachelor's in Advertising and Marketing from Brigham Young University with a focus in brand strategy and design.

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